10 cashew nuts advantages


Cashew nut is the cashew products of the soil an amazing partner of wellbeing since it contains cell reinforcements and is plentiful in acceptable fats for the heart and minerals, for example, magnesium, iron and zinc, which forestall paleness and improve the soundness of the skin, nails and hair.

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This dried organic product can be remembered for bites and plates of mixed greens, can be burned-through as a spread or as a fixing in different arrangements, and ought to be devoured in little servings because of its high caloric substance.

The advantages of cashew nuts are because of the presence of supplements imperative to the soundness of the body and include:

1.      Prevents untimely maturing, as it is plentiful in cancer prevention agents, for example, polyphenols, carotenoids and nutrient E, which forestalls the harm of free extremists to cells;

2.      Prevents coronary illness, as it contains mono and polyunsaturated fats, strands and cell reinforcements that favour the expansion of “good” cholesterol, HDL, and help lower “awful” cholesterol, LDL;

3.      Regulates glucose since it is wealthy in strands that defer the retention of sugars, maintaining a strategic distance from glucose spikes, and furthermore help to diminish insulin discharge, being a superb alternative for individuals with diabetes or insulin opposition;

4.      It improves memory since it contains selenium, a micronutrient that goes about as a cancer prevention agent and forestalls the harm that is brought about by free extremists to synapses. Furthermore, it additionally contains nutrient E, which could help forestall illnesses, for example, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s;

5.      Prevents or improves misery, since it is wealthy in zinc, which, as indicated by certain examinations, is a mineral whose lack has been related to this condition;

6.      Reduces circulatory strain, body ado, cerebral pain, headache and muscle weakness, as it is wealthy in magnesium and has mitigating properties;

7.      Strengthens the invulnerable framework as it contains zinc, nutrient E and A;

8.      Prevents osteoporosis since it contains calcium and phosphorus, and these minerals are significant for keeping up or expanding bone thickness;

9.      Prevents and treats sickliness on the grounds that it is wealthy in iron and folic corrosive;

10.    It keeps up the strength of the skin, hair and nails as it contains copper, selenium, zinc and nutrient E, supplements that are fundamental to secure the skin, support the development and solidifying of nails and improve blood flow in the scalp.

Notwithstanding its advantages, cashew nuts ought to be devoured in little bits, since it has a lot of calories and, consequently, when burned-through in overabundance, could support weight gain. This dried organic product can be found in markets or in stores of normal enhancements.

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Dietary data table


The accompanying table demonstrates wholesome data in 100 grams of cashew nuts:

ComponentsQuantity in 100 g
Calories613 kcals
Proteins19.6 g
Fats50 g
Carbohydrates19.4 g
Fibers3.3 g
Vitamin A1 mcg
Vitamin E1.2 mg
Vitamin B10.42 mg
Vitamin B20.16 mg
Vitamin B31.6 mg
Vitamina B60,41 mg
Vitamina B968 mcg
Calcium37 mg
Magnesium250 mg
Match490 mg
Iron5,7 mg
Zinc5,7 mg
Potassium700 mg
Selenium19.9 mcg
Covers2,2 mg

It is essential to specify that to get all the advantages referenced before, cashew nuts ought to be remembered for a reasonable and sound eating routine.

Instructions to incorporate cashew nuts in the eating regimen

Cashew nuts can be burned-through in little bits, around 30 grams for each day, and ideally without salt. This dried natural product can be remembered for snacks along with different nourishments, for example, foods grown from the ground, and can likewise be included plates of mixed greens and plans, for example, treats, rolls and bread.

Likewise, the cashew nuts can likewise be squashed or bought as flour to be utilized in plans and furthermore as a spread for blessed.

Step by step instructions to get ready cashew nut spread

To set up the cashew margarine simply add 1 cup of this skinless dry leafy foods in the blender until a rich glue is made, and it ought to be put away in a holder with cover in the cooler.

Moreover, it is conceivable to leave the spread saltier or better as indicated by taste, can be salted with somewhat salt and improved with somewhat nectar, for instance.

Cashew nut bread formula

Since it is a food wealthy in great fats, cashew nuts are an incredible alternative to assist you with shedding pounds and can make up low carb slims down. Here’s the way to make a heavenly wholemeal bread with this chestnut:


•        1 1/2 cup cashew flour;

•        1 tablespoon of so-like flour;

•        1 teaspoon of salt;

•        1/2 teaspoon preparing pop;

•        1 tablespoon sunflower seed;

•        2 tablespoons slashed cashew nuts;

•        3 beaten eggs;

•        2 tablespoons nectar;

•        1 tablespoon apple juice vinegar;

•        1 tablespoon new spices, for example, rosemary and thyme;

•        Butter to oil the shape.

Cashew Crunch Salad Feature 1

Planning mode:

Blend all the fixings aside from the eggs. In another compartment, beat the eggs well with a fork and add to different fixings. Empty the combination into a rectangular shape for lubed bread, and bring to the preheated broiler at 180ºC for around 30 minutes.

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