10 stretches to relieve back and neck pain


This series of 10 stretching exercises for back pain help relieve the pain and increase the range of motion hence providing pain relief and promote muscle relaxation.

They can be done in the morning, just upon waking up, at work, or whenever there is need. To improve the effectiveness of the stretching one can take a hot bath before as this helps in relaxing the muscles, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

How to stretch properly


Muscle stretching exercises should be done before and after physical activity as they also serve as a form of treatment. They are usually recommended by a physiotherapist because they improves muscle flexibility, prevents and treats muscle and joint pain.

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It is normal to feel the muscle stretching during the muscle-stretching activity, but it is important not to exert too much pain as this may harm the spine. Each position should be done for about20-30 seconds, repeating the movements 3 times and staying in each position for 1 minute in a row.

In case you experience any tingling or sensation, consult a physiotherapist so that they may prescribe a more appropriate treatment.

1. Fold the body in front

With the legs together bend the body forward, keeping the knees stretched out.

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2. Stretch the leg

Sit on the floor and bend one leg, until one foot is placed near the groin and the leg is well stretched. Bend the body forward as you try to support the hand on the foot, keeping the knee stretched out. If it is not possible to reach the foot, try reaching the middle of the leg or ankle. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg.

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3. Get to the ground

This is similar to the first exercise but it is done with more intensity. You should try hard to put your hands on the ground without bending your knees.

4. Stretch the neck

Tilt your head to the sides as one hand holds the head as you force the stretching. The other hand may rest on the shoulder or straight along your body.

5. Tilt the head back

Keep your shoulders aligned and look up as you tilt your head back. You can place the hand on your back of your head for greater comfort.

6. Tilt the head down

With both hands overlapping over the posterior region of the head, tilt your head forward until you feel a stretch on your back.

7. Sit on your heels

Get down on the ground on your knees then touch your buttocks on your heels as you approach the trunk of the floor, keeping your hands stretched out ahead.

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8. Touch your hands on your back

Sit down with your legs folded, in a butterfly position with your back upright as you try to approach the palms.

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9. Twisting your back

Sit on the floor and support your hand near the butt as you tilt your truck backward. To help maintain this position, you can position one bend one of the legs

10. Pyramid with your hand on the ground

With your legs apart, open your arms in a horizontal position and then tilt your body forwards. Supporting one hand on the floor, in the center, turn your body to the side, as you keep your other hand stretched high. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

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