5 home remedy options for osteoporosis


Some great home remedies for osteoporosis are vitamins and juices as well as calcium-rich foods like cashew nuts, blackberry and papaya.

Osteoporosis is a degenerative and chronic disease that affects the bones. It is common after menopause and the main symptoms are bone pain, decreased height and the appearance of fractures that can occur even with less severe falls.


It is not recommended to use only these homemade remedies for the treatment of osteoporosis, but they are still excellent therapeutic options.

1. Papaya vitamin with yogurt


A good home remedy for osteoporosis is orange vitamin and papaya as it is rich in calcium and vitamin D which are nutrients essential for healthy bones. Orange and papaya are among the few fruits that contain a good amount of calcium.


  • 1 yogurt enriched in vitamin D
  • 1 small slice of chopped papaya (30g)
  • half a glass of orange juice

Preparation mode

Blend the ingredients and drink. This juice contains enough fibre thus it can have a laxative effect.

2. Cashew nut juice

Cashew juice is good for osteoporosis because it is rich in calcium, which helps strengthen bones.


  • 3 cashew nuts
  • 400 ml water
  • brown sugar to taste

Preparation mode

Blend all the ingredients and drink.

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3. Cranapple juice

Blackberry juice is also good for osteoporosis because it is rich in calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth.


  • 200 g blackberry.

Preparation mode

Pass the blackberries through the centrifuge and take the juice immediately. If the juice is too thick, add 1/2 cup of water and stir well.

Aside from preventing osteoporosis, blackberries are rich in beta carotene and vitamin A and C which prevent premature ageing and provide healthier skin and hair.

4. Papaya vitamin with sesame

Another excellent homemade remedy to prevent osteoporosis is the vitamin contained in papaya with sesame. This is because both ingredients provide calcium in the body. Sesame is also rich in omega 3 which according to some research, has positive effects on bones.


  • 2 tablespoons of sesame
  • 200 mg papaya
  • 1/2 l of water and honey to taste

Preparation mode

Blend everything until you get a homogenous mixture. To get all the benefits of this vitamin, it is ideal that you drink 2 glasses of the juice every day.

5. Watercress juice and brewer’s yeast

Watercress are orange are excellent sources of calcium, but when combined with brewer’s yeast, the juice has greater nutritional value. This is because it is not only rich in calcium but also other minerals that are essential in strengthening of bones. These include phosphorus and magnesium, which help in preventing osteoporosis.


  • 2 branches of watercress
  • 200 ml of orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast

Preperation mode

Blend all the ingredients then drink.

Apart from eating, regular physical excercise is very important to ensure the absorption of calcium into the bones.

Watercress Wonder Juice

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