5 reasons false negative pregnancy test


The aftereffect of the drug store pregnancy test is normally very dependable, gave done by the directions on the bundling and at the right time, ie from the first day of feminine deferral. Notwithstanding, to affirm the outcome, it is ideal to consistently rehash the test 3 to 5 days after the principal result.

Despite the fact that the tests are very solid, there are regularly still unexplained changes in the lady’s feminine cycle, which can cause a few questions, particularly when the pregnancy test is negative, yet period actually doesn’t show up.


In this way, we set up certain causes that can prompt a bogus negative, which happens when the lady is really pregnant, yet the test is negative. Remember that the most ideal approach to affirm the doubt of pregnancy is to go to the gynecologist to do a blood test and measure levels of the hormone bHCG.

1. The test was done too soon

This is the fundamental purpose behind a bogus negative and happens when the lady presumes she is pregnant and along these lines feels a few manifestations that she accepts are the main indications of a pregnancy, for example, mamarian torment, wanting to accept the test as quickly as time permits.

In any case, the most ideal approach to guarantee the outcome is to hang tight for the postponement of monthly cycle, and even step through the examination a couple of days after this deferral, so the body has the opportunity to deliver the hormone bHCG in adequate amount to be wiped out in the pee and found by the drug store test.

2. Lady’s cycle is sporadic

At the point when the lady’s monthly cycle is sporadic, there is likewise a high possibility that the pregnancy test will be negative. This is on the grounds that the test was presumably done before the feminine postponement and the lady is just longer deferred than ordinary.

Hence, the most ideal approach to guarantee that the outcome is valid, on account of a lady with sporadic cycle, is to step through the examination just a short time after the alleged day of the drop of period.

3. It is an ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a generally uncommon circumstance wherein the egg subsequent to being treated inserts in a spot other than the uterus, for the most part in the fallopian tubes. In these cases, the body takes more time to deliver the hormone bHCG and hence the outcome might be negative regardless of whether treatment has happened.

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This kind of pregnancy is a health related crisis that ought to be halted as quickly as time permits as it can make genuine harm the lady’s regenerative framework. A few signs that may show a potential ectopic pregnancy remember serious torment for the paunch, feeling wiped out, vaginal dying, or feeling heasick close to the vagina. In the event that the lady gives these indications, she ought to rapidly go to the medical clinic to affirm the finding and start end of pregnancy.

4. Lady is breastfeeding

At the point when the lady is breastfeeding, the body is gradually controlling itself over the long run, particularly in the creation of hormones. Consequently, it is conceivable that the lady has an unpredictable cycle at first, regardless of whether beforehand she has consistently had a customary cycle.

Consequently, a few ladies may discover being pregnant when feminine cycle is deferred. Consequently, it is conceivable that the pregnancy test will be negative, since monthly cycle is just deferred.

5. Pregnancy test is out of time

Despite the fact that it is a more extraordinary reason, it is conceivable that the pregnancy test was sold out of time. At the point when this occurs, the reagent used to recognize the presence of the bHCG hormone might be working mistakenly, giving a bogus negative outcome.

Thusly, it is critical to check the termination date on the test bundling before use. What’s more, a few tests may have been inadequately put away and, regardless of whether they are on schedule, may work mistakenly. Thus, at whatever point there is doubt that the test isn’t giving a right outcome, one should purchase another at the drug store and rehash the test.

What can cause period delay

At the point when the test was done accurately, in the correct period and even the test has been rehashed, yet the outcome stays negative and monthly cycle proceeds without showing up almost certainly, truth be told, you are not pregnant. This is on the grounds that there are numerous different elements that can cause period delay without being pregnancy.

A few causes include:

•             Excess stress and tension;

•             Practice exceptional actual exercise for quite a while;

•             Thyroid issues;

Late period

•             Very prohibitive weight control plans. Subsequently, if period is deferred and there is no sure pregnancy test, it is ideal to counsel the gynecologist to distinguish if there is whatever other reason that might be causing this postponement, beginning the fitting treatment.

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