7 benefits of brewer’s yeast and how to consume

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Brewer’s yeast also known as beer yeast, rich in protein, B-complex vitamins and minerals such as chromium, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium. It therefore helps in regulation of sugar metabolism and lowering cholesterol. Brewer’s yeast is also considered an excellent probiotic as it helps on improvement of digestion.

This yeast is derived from the fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae which aside from being a nutritional supplement, it is also used in the preparation of breads and beer.

Below are some of the advantages of brewer’s yeast:

1. Improvement of bowel function

Brewer’s yeast contains fibres and it is therefore considered a probiotic as it improves the digestion process. It also treats some intestinal conditions such as diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and lactose intolerance.

2. Regulating sugar levels

This yeast is rich in chromium, which is a mineral that helps in regulation of blood sugar levels. Apart from being rich in fibre, it also helps in controlling insulin levels in the blood. However, people with diabetes should consult with the doctor before beginning the consumption of brewer’s yeast.

3. Strengthening the immune system

The presence of vitamin B-complex in vitamins and minerals also help in strengthening the immune system and preventing the onset of various diseases. In addition, it also fights stress, fatigue, it improves memory as well as detoxifying the body and protecting the nerves.

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4. Helps lower cholesterol

The fibre present in brewer’s yeast decreases the absorption of cholesterol at the intestinal level. In addition, presence of chromium in the yeast increases the levels of good cholesterol, HDL, in the blood.

5. Increased muscle mass

The large amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals present in the brewer’s yeast aid in increasing muscle mass. Proteins are very essential post workout so as prevent muscle injuries and favour muscle recovery. Therefore, the yeast can be used to prepare post-workout protein vitamins.

6. Promotes weight loss

Brewer’s yeast helps in regulation of appetite as it increases the feeling of satiety. A great way to benefit from the consumption is take it half an hour before the main meal.

7. Improves skin

Brewer’s yeast has large amounts of B-complex vitamins that help in improvement of acne. eczema and psoriasis. In addition, the consumption of vitamins that contain B-complex aid in keeping the nails and hair healthy.

How to consume beer yeast

To get all the benefits of brewer’s yeast powder, it is advisable to consume 1 to 2 table spoons per day. Yeast powder can be found in supermarkets and it can be consumed alone or it can be taken together with soups, pasta, yoghurt, milk, juices and water.

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The yeast can also be purchased from pharmacies and in natural products stores in form of capsules or tablets. The recommended dose is usually 3 capsules taken 3 times a day, along with the main meals. However, prescriptions may vary depending on the brand and the recommendation of the doctor or nutritionist.

Nutritional information table

The following table provides nutritional information regarding 100 g of beer yeast:

ComponentsQuantity in 100 g
Energy345 calories
Proteins46.10 g
Fats1.6 g
Carbohydrates36.6 g
Vitamin B114500 mcg
Vitamina B24612 mcg
Vitamina B357000 mg
Calcium87 mg
Match2943 mg
Chrome633 mcg
Iron3.6 mg
Magnesium107 mg
Zinc5.0 mg
Selenium210 mcg
Covers3.3 mg

It is important to note that in order to get the benefits mentioned above, brewer’s yeast is included as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Side effects

Consuming brewer’s yeast is safe. However, when taken in excess amounts, it can cause malaise in the stomach, excess intestinal, blotting and headache.

Who should not consume

Brewer’s yeast should not be consumed by pregnant women or nursing mothers without prescription from a doctor. For children, there is insufficient scientific evidence that proves whether or not it has benefits. It is therefore important too always consult the paediatrician before a child consumes it.

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For people with diabetes, it is necessary that they consult the doctor before consumption. This is because, a diabetic usually takes drugs to control the sugar levels, yet the consumption of brewer’s yeast can cause a drop in blood sugar levels which may be risky for them.

In addition, people with Crohn’s disease, who have compromised immune systems , who have frequent fungal infections or who have an allergic reaction to this food should consult the doctor first before consuming brewer’s yeast.

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