8 best juices to lower cholesterol


Natural fruit juices are excellent remedies to help in lowering bad cholesterol, LDL and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. This will be made possible if it is accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet.

The juices which function to lower cholesterol should be prepared with fresh and peeled fruits. It should be consumed immediately after preparation to ensure greater supply of nutrients.

Aside from drinking the juices for three months, the concentration of cholesterol in the blood will only be lowered if there is a decrease in fat and industrialized food intake. Moreover, one should also engage in physical activities at least 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes.

The best juices to help control blood cholesterol are:

1. Grape juice


Grape juice is rich in resveratrol which is a phytonutrient with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet properties. For this reason, it prevents the oxidation of LDL and prevent changes in cholesterol levels.


How to prepare : Blend a glass of purple grapes with half a glass of water then add little sugar to taste.

2. Orange juice with eggplant

Orange juice with egg plant is a great combination to control cholesterol. This is because the juice is rich in soluble fibres, antioxidants, polyphenols and saponins, all which aid in reduction of LDL cholesterol.

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How to prepare : Blend 1 eggplant (200g) with the peels and 200ml pure orange juice then sweeten to taste.

3. Guava juice

Guava is a fruit rich in pectin and soluble fibres, which help in controlling cholesterol levels, prevent oxidation of LDL and its accumulation in pots. In addition, guava fibres also aid in decreasing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine so that what is not absorbed will be eliminated in faeces.

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How to prepare : Blend 4 red guavas with peels and squeeze in 1 lemon then add a glass of water. Sweeten to taste.

4. Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is rich in lycopene, arginine and citrulline. These are antioxidants that protect the arteries from damage by LDL cholesterol as well as decreasing the risk of formation of fat plaque.

How to prepare : Place two slices of watermelon in the blender then blend until its smooth. Sweeten to taste then drink.

5. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is rich in phenolic compounds that contain anti-inflammatory action which inhibits the production of nitric oxide that aids in increasing cholesterol in the blood.

How to prepare: Place the pulp of two pomegranates with seeds in the blender then add a glass of water. Blend then sweeten sweeten to taste.

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6. Apple juice

Apple juice is rich in fibre, vitamin C and phenolic compounds which help in reduction of absorption of cholesterol by the liver, so that they will be eliminated in faeces. This will reduce LDL cholesterol and the total cholesterol in the blood.

Apple juice with 3apples

How to prepare : Blend two peeled gala apples with a glass of water then sweeten to taste. You can also pass one whole apple through a centrifuge then take the juice afterwards.

7. Tomato juice

Tomato juice is rich in potassium which aids in the transmission of cardiac nerve impulses and in the transport of nutrients to the inside of the cells. It is also rich in lycopene which aid in lowering bad cholesterol in the blood.

How to prepare : Blend three ripe tomatoes with the peels with 150ml of water. Season with salt, black pepper and bay powder then drink.

8. Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is rich in soluble fibre and vitamin C which aid in controlling cholesterol levels and preventing fat plaques form being formed in the blood vessels.

How to prepare : Blend three thick slices of pineapples with a glass of water then sweeten to taste.

How to lower cholesterol

To lower LDL cholesterol and improve levels of total cholesterol and HDL, aside from consuming these juices, it is advisable to follow the guidance of the doctor and take healthy diet; by reducing the consumption of foods rich in fat as well as industrialized foods. One should also engage in regular physical activity at least 3 times a week. The exercises should be done for about an hour so as to increase the heart rate and aid in weight loss.

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When the total cholesterol in the blood is too high, above 200mg/dL or when there is change in the values after 3 months of healthy diet and exercise, the cardiologist can prescribe drugs to control the cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, one should continue taking proper nutrition and exercising so as to prevent the risks of getting an infarction or stroke.

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