8 tips to gain muscle mass faster


To gain muscle mass, it is important that physical activity is done on a regular basis as you follow the guidelines of a coach. In addition, you should also follow a proper diet so as to reach the goal as you give preference to protein-rich foods.

It is also necessary to give the muscle time to rest to ensure it grows. This is because, when exercising, the muscle fibers become injured and it will send a signal to the body, indicating that there is need for muscle recovery. It is during this recovery that the muscles are gained.

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Feeding is also a fundamental part of the muscle mass gaining process as it provides the necessary nutrients that increase the diameter of muscle fibers hence guaranteeing hypertrophy.

Here are 8 best tips to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently:

1. Do each exercise slowly


Bodybuilding exercises should be performed slowly especially during the muscle contraction phase. This is because when performing this type of movement, more fibers will be injured during the activity meaning that the gain of muscle mass will be more effective in the period of muscle recovery.

Aside from favouring hypertrophy, slower movement also causes the person to acquire greater body awareness, hence avoiding compensation during the exercise as this will make the exercise much easier.

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2. Do not stop exercising as soon as you start to feel pain

When you feel pain or a burning sensation during exercise, it is recommended not to stop. This is because this is the time the white fibers of the muscle begin to rapture, leading to hypertrophy during the recovery period.

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However, if the pain felt is in a joint that was used to perform the activity or in another muscle that is not directly related to exercising, then it is advisable to stop or decrease the intensity in which the exercise is performed so as to avoid the risk of injury.

3. Train 3 to 5 times a week

For effective gaining of muscle mass, it is important that the workouts are done on a regular basis, prefferably 3 to 5 times a week and the muscle group to be worked on 1 to 2 times. This is because muscle rest is fundamental for hypertrophy.

The instructor can therefore indicate various types of training according to the person’s goal and it is recommended to perform the ABC training for hypertrophy.                                                                             

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4. Have a high protein diet

To gain muscle mass, it is important that a person’s consumes a healthy diet rich in protein as they are the ones responsible for the maintenance of muscle fibers, and consequently, directly contribute to hypertrophy. In addition to increasing protein consumption, it is also advisable to consume good fats and take more calories than is spent.

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