9 supplements to gain muscle mass


Supplements to gain muscle mass such as Whey Protein and Femme are used to enhance the results of the gym, giving one a firmer and more shapely body. They can also be used by those who want to gain fat without gaining belly.

However, its use should only be done under the guidance of a nutritionist because its indiscriminate consumption can impair the functioning of the kidneys.

Top Supplements


The main supplements for gaining lean mass in men and women are:

1st Aggression

This supplement consists of magnesium and stimulates testosterone production, promoting an explosion of energy for intense workouts. In addition, it increases strength, improves natural testosterone and increases libido.

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It is recommended that 3 capsules of the supplement be consumed before bedtime. However, it is recommended that its use is accompanied and indicated by a nutritionist.

2nd Tribulus

Tribulus is a supplement made from the medicinal plant Tribulus terrestris and is able to increase muscle strength, relieve feelings of tiredness and weakness, stimulatesperm production and improve sexual performance, and are therefore more recommended for men.

It is recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules of the supplement daily, preferably for breakfast and afternoon when snacking.

3. BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA supplements promote muscle formation and help maintain and grow skeletal muscle. Using it before and after exercise can reduce muscle damage caused by exercise and thus stimulate hypertrophy.

2 capsules should be taken one to three times a day between meals and after training.

4th Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a supplement used by both men and women and is capable of increasing muscle strength and performance in workouts, improving muscle recovery after training and increasing protein production and muscle mass. In addition, this supplement helps promote low blood pressure, increases energy and mental activity.

Whey Protein can be consumed 20 minutes before training or up to 30 minutes later and a meter can be mixed, or according to the nutritionist’s recommendation, in water, milk or juice, as well as in fruit, ice cream, waxes, baked goods or soups.

5th Syntha – Isolate 6

It provides a combination of fast and slow release proteins that promotes a moderate release of amino acids to stimulate muscles. This supplement favors muscle recovery and increases protein synthesis, stimulating hypertrophy.

One can consume 1 meter of this supplement, or if according to the recommendation of the nutritionist, mixed in water or milk, at least twice a day.

6th Femme Protein

Femme protein is similar to conventional whey protein. However, it has other constituents, such as elastin and collagen, which positively influence the woman’s body. Thus, Femme protein is one of the supplements recommended for women who want to increase muscle mass, because in addition to favoring hypertrophy, it promotes appetite control, helps in the hydration of the skin and keeps nails and hair healthy.

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The form of consumption is the same as that of whey protein: 1 meter should be mixed in water or milk and consumed before or after training.

7th Delight-Fitmiss

Delight-Fitmiss is a protein shake that can be used to complement healthy meals and snacks because it is rich in vitamins and minerals essential to the body, and it is also high in protein.

8th Whey Nutry

Nutry Whey is a supplement whose formula has been developed especially for women, as it is composed of essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fibers and collagen, that help not only in the process of gaining muscle mass, but also in maintaining metabolism.

Other supplements that can be used are Lipo-6 Black or Thermo Advantage Serum, which are used to increase energy levels and metabolism by burning excessive fat. In addition, another widely used supplement is glutamine, which is responsible for promoting and maintaining hypertrophy.

9. Creatine

Creatine is a supplement that can be used to improve physical performance and help in the gain of muscle mass, and its use should be guided by the nutritionist and be accompanied by the practice of physical activities and a balanced and adequate diet for the gain of lean mass.

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Creatine supplementation can be done in various ways according to the person’s goal, and it is usually prescribed by the nutritionist that 2 to 5 grams of creatine be consumed per day for 2 to 3 months.

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