Baby crying: 7 main meanings and what to do


Identifying the reason why a baby is crying is important so that action can be taken to stop the crying. It is advisable to observe any movements that are made while the baby is crying such as placing hand in the mouth or sucking finger as these may be signs of hunger.

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Babies may cry for no apparent reason especially during late afternoons or evenings. This usually happens so as to release tension that has been accumulated during the day. If all the baby’s needs have been met such as a clean diaper and the baby has already eaten, then the parents should let it cry.

How to know what baby’s crying means


To identify what crying of a baby means, it is advisable to beware of some of the signs that the baby may indicate apart from crying. They include:

  • Hunger or sea: This is where the baby cries and places its hand in the mouth or it opens and closes the hand continuously.
  • Cold or hot: In this case, the baby becomes sweaty and this can be notices from the appearance of ruminates, for the case of heat and when the feet and fingers are frozen, it indicates the baby is feeling cold.
  • Pain: The baby usually tries to put its hand at the part where the pain is felt while crying.
  • Dirty diaper: Aside from crying, the baby’s skin may begin to turn red.
  • Colic: In this case, the baby’s crying will be more acute and prolonged and one the abdomen will become more distended.
  • Growth of teeth: The baby will put its hand or objects in the mouth constantly and there may be loss of appetite and swollen gums.
  • Sleep: The baby will try and put its hand in the eyes while crying, which in most cases will be quite loud.
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It is important that the cause of crying is identified so as to employ measures that will help reduce crying. These may be offering the child something to bite on, in case the teeth are growing, changing its diaper and wrapping the baby in a warm cloth when it is too cold.

How to make the baby stop crying

The best way to stop the baby from crying is to identify the cause of crying and try and solve this problem. It may include checking if it has a clean diaper, if it is time to breastfeed the baby and if it is properly dressed for the weather.

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However, if parents and caregivers are unable to identify the cause of crying, then they can place the baby on the laps and try singing to them a lullaby or placing them in a stroller for a few minutes so as to help them calm down. You can also:

  • Turn on a quiet song, like classical music for babies.
  • Wrap the baby in a blanket or sheet so that he cannot move his legs and arms because it helps the baby calm down. This technique should be done very carefully to avoid trapping the baby’s blood circulation.
  • Turn on the radio or TV outside the station or turn on the vacuum cleaner, hood, or washing machine because this type of continuous noise calms babies.

If the baby still does not stop crying, it is recommended that you take them to the paediatrician because they may be ill and require treatment.

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