Can one get pregnant if they have endometriosis?


The chances of women getting pregnant after being diagnosed with endometriosis are usually between 5 to 10% as a result of decreased fertility. This is because the tissue lining of the uterus spreads through the abdominal cavity hence causing obstructions and inflammations in various tissues and organs of the reproductive system. This can prevent mature eggs from reaching the tubes and possibly causing damage to the egg and sperm.

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Treatment for endometriosis is usually prescribed by a gynecologist or an obstetrician and it is done using hormonal remedies. However, for women who may wish to become pregnant, surgery is usually the first option. This is because it aims at removing the endometrial tissue lodged in the breeding organs, thus facilitating the process of becoming pregnant.

What should be the treatment to get pregnant?


Before starting any treatment, an ultrasound or MRI examination is performed so that the gynecologist can know where the focus of endometrial tissue outside the uterus is, as well as its size and depth.

Depending on which organs of the reproductive system that have been affected, a laparoscopy may be done. This is a small surgical procedure that removes as much endometrial tissue as possible, obstructing the pathways and reducing inflammation. Treatment can still be done using the remedy goserelin acetate, also called Zoladex, which is a synthetic inhibitor of the hormones testosterone and estrogen that helps reduce the progression of the disease.

Moreover, to ensure the highest success rate of pregnancy, the doctor can also recommend that the partner takes a spermogram test, also called sperm viability. It involves checking whether the sperm are in good quality and if they have good speed as this is fundamental to ensure fertilization of the egg.


How long does it take to get pregnant?

It is not possible to know exactly how long the woman will be able to become pregnant after treatment and safe approval from a gynecologist. This is because other factors such as age, number of children, time of diagnosis of endometriosis and classification of the disease are essential. Typically, those who can get pregnant easily are women with a recent diagnosis of mild endometriosis.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

Aside from getting treatment recommended by a gynecologist and obstretician, one can take nite of certain precaution sos as to increase the chances of getting pregnant such as:

1. Reduce anxiety

Anxiety levels tend to increase when trying to get pregnant and this can end up delaying the process. This is because anxiety-associated hormones such as cortisol can overcome other hormones responsible for conception as well as contribute to a reduction in libido.

2. Know when is your fertile period

To increase the chances of becoming pregnant, especially after having endometriosis, it is better that the couple knows when the fertile period of the woman is and how it works. This will help them program themselves properly, hence increasing the chances of fertilization of the egg by the sperm.

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3. Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals

A diet rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, zinc, iron, vitamin B6, and omega 3 is essential for the maintenance of hormones responsible for ovulation and production of good quality sperm, which can reduce the waiting time until pregnancy.

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