Exercises for knee joints


Exercises for the joints of the legs are important to those who have suffered trauma or musculoskeletal system diseases. The exercises will assist in restoring mobility and flexibility. Healthy people who have a sedentary lifestyle need exercises for the knee joints so as to keep the body toned and avoid stretching or dislocation.

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As a recovery method, doctors recommend exercises for the knee joints to many patients. They will help in such cases:

  • Injuries: Sprain, dislocation, fracture, meniscus damage
  • Arthritis – Inflammation of the joint
  • Bursitis – Inflammation of the joint bag
  • Periarthritis – Inflammation of tendons
  • Osteoporosis is a demineralization of bones

LFC should only be done during the remission stage when the health of an individual is no longer threatened and the only thing required is for you to regain the original mobility of the knees.

These exercises should only be started after consultation with a doctor. There are various causes of pain in the knee joint. As part of treatment, there may be physical culture while for others it may be excluded. Some of them include infectious diseases like inflammation of the joints after infection, tumours, any inflammation that is in the acute form and comes with fever swelling and redness.

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​Strengthening Exercises for Knee Pain: Quad, Leg and Hip

When a diseases is in the acute phase and fresh trauma, exercises of the knee joints should not be performed. You should be careful if you have a spinal disease or your joints are damaged, not only in the knees but the entire body as well.

Rules for knee exercises

When doing these exercises, you should wear non-movement clothing and comfortable sport shoes. You should place a nonslip mat on the floor. This will allow you to have the right foot support so as to avoid any accidental injuries.

You should also aerate the room in advance because random drafts can cause knee hypothermia and aggravate your condition. Ensure that you prepare your exercise equipment. For simpler exercises, you may need a chair and for more complex ones you may require dumbbells.

You should not forget that the exercise shouldn’t cause any pain. As soon as you experience any form of discomfort then stop the activity. If it is too simple to perform, then try to increase the number of approaches such doing two rounds of exercises in a row as you increase the pace. Remember to work on both legs even if only one knee is damaged, the exercise should be performed symmetrically with both feet.


Healthy people should do warm ups before the exercises while those who have pain in the knee joints should undergo a full occupational physical therapy.

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Therefore, you should take a hot shower to warm up the muscles before the exercise. You can also do a light massage of the legs in the direction from the feet to the hips. Each exercises should first be performed two to three times without much effort and in a slow pace then gradually increase the intensity. Taking a shower will warm up the muscles and gradually performing the activity will help prepare the ligaments.

If you are healthy and all you need to is to strengthen the joints, then you can perform complex exercises for recovery from diseases as a warm up.

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