Exercises in spine protrusion


Most people who experience lower back pain try to limit their movements and instead lie down. However, such an approach usually makes the situation worse. Movement and LFC are part of the treatment of almost all back diseases. For spine protrusion, exercise and light gymnastics are very effective.

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What is protrusion?


A protrusion ifs found between the fibrous rings with a student core. They allow for movement and they amortize the vertebrae at any change of position. The structure of the ring may change after injuries and illnesses. A herniated disc is a condition where the nucleus extends beyond the fibrous ring. Protrusion is a similar process whereby the core of the disc changes position but doe not go beyond it. At this point, the protrusion is said to be in the initial stage of hernia formation.

In most cases, patients believe that protrusion is not a dangerous and it does not require any form of treatment. However, it can cause further destruction of the intervertebral disc and complications of the spine.

Contradictions to gymnastics

Gymnastics should only be authorised by a physician after obtaining examination results including MRI. It is forbidden to do these examinations if there is pain in the affected region. In addition, exercises should not be done if you have the following conditions.

  • Inflammations
  • Heart disease
  • Infectious diseases
  • Internal bleeding
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In other cases, LFC will be very beneficial. However, as you plan for the exercise classes, ensure that

  • Age
  • Stage of the disease
  • Place of protrusion

There are different exercises depending on the region of protrusion. However, all of them are aimed at improving circulation, increasing activity, pulling the vertebrae and eliminating disc displacement.

Rules of classes

You should wear comfortable clothes as you do the exercises as well as shoes. If not, you can lift the load then end up injuring the spine even more.

Gymnastics do not require any equipment. The only things you need are a chair and a yoga mat if the floor is too slippery. Remember that you should not experience any form of discomfort.

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Ensure that you do the following warm up exercises before you begin the exercises:

  • If you do not have cervical protrusion: tilt your head to the sides, back and forth – 5 times each way.
  • Rotate the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints – 3-5 times each way.
  • Stand on your toes 10 times.
  • Rotate in your knees 5-7 times clockwise and anticlockwise.

You can also take a warm shower before you begin the gymnastics as this will sufficiently warm you up. Warm up is also important because it will assist in preventing joint injuries.

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