Foot reflexology: What it is, what it’s for and how to do it


Foot reflexology is the most common type of reflexology and it consists of applying pressure of the joints of the foot so as to balance the body’s energy and to prevent the emergence of diseases and other health problems. Reflexology is a type of complementary therapy that is usually performed by the reflex therapist who will study the reflex points of the body and the nerve endings present in the feet, hands, nose, head and ears.

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Usually, the reflex therapist uses his thumb to press several regions of the foot as he looks for energy imbalances that manifest due to sensitivity at that point or a feeling off sand under the skin. After finding the points of imbalance, the therapist will perform a small massage that will stimulate the natural healing of the affected area.

What is it for?


Foot reflexology is a technique done by a professional by pressing points on the foot that conatin the nerve endings in a controlled manner, and those that correspond to various organs of the body. Therefore, by stimulating these terminations, it favours theprocess of self healing and it also leads to the increased production of nitric oxide, an important compound in the body, since it has vasodilatory and analgesic properties.

This technique increases well-being and relaxation, because it results in removal of toxins from the body. It is also used in the prevention and treatment of diseases and other health conditions such as insomnia, stress, blood circulation problems, hormonal problems, constipation, labyrinthitis, kidney stones, asthma, hypertension, migraine, back pain, and sinusitis.

How to perform the technique

Here is an example of a step by step procedure that can be used by a reflex therapist in the foot reflexology process:

Foot Massage and
  1. Hold the thumb with the fingers of one hand and with the thumb of the other hand, climb from the base to the tip of the thumb. Repeat the movement, in parallel direction, for 1 minute
  2. Hold the thumb with the fingers of one hand and with the thumb of the other hand, draw a cross to find the centre of the thumb. Put your thumb down, press and rotate in circles circles for 15 seconds
  3. Fold the foot back with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand, make the lateral movement then repeat the movement 8 times
  4. Fold the foot back and with the thumb of the other hand, climb to the base of the fingers. Make the move to all fingers and repeat 5 times
  5. Place 3 fingers below the protrusion of the sole and press this point lightly, with both thumbs, making small circles, for 20 seconds
  6. Move with your thumb to the side of the foot repeating the movement 3 times

In addition to reflex therapy to control anxiety, it is also important to perform activities that one likes, practicing physical exercise such as walking and avoiding negative thoughts.

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