Full examination: How much does it cost and why is it profitable?


Although complex diagnostics has numerous advantages, it is simpler and cheaper to deal with disease prevention than treatment. Many people often go to the hospital when the disease is already severe which is not an ideal practice.

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What is the price?


The cost of a full examination is usually determined by its composition. Depending on the number and nature of the diagnostic procedures, the process may vary. The more the test required, the higher amount of money you will pay.

Most of these examination sfocus on the following:

  • Separate parts of the body – for example, the heart in cardiovascular check-up or gastrointestinal tract in gastro-check-up).
  • Type of diseases – For example, looking for tumours and metastases within the framework of the body.

Therefore it would be wrong to compare the prices of different clinics and diagnostic centres directly. In one there may be no urologist check-up and MRI while another one may provide check-up for both.

Depending on the composition, the full examination can have varying costs from 3-5 thousand rubles to half a million. You need to choose the most necessary examinations to go for.

Whichever that you choose, it will more economical than to undergo all the examinations and tests all at once.

Why is a full examination profitable?

Wholesale is cheaper

Various examinations come with their cost:

Cost if you go separately
MRI of the brain4 500
MR-angiography of the vessels of the brain and neck13 000
MRI of three spine divisions13 500
MRI of the pelvic organs8 500
MRI of abdominal and abdominal organs11 500
CT of the chest organs4 500
40 laboratory blood counts5 000
ECG1 000
Consultation of a therapist1 500

It may cost you a total of just 64,000 rubles to pay so that you can undergo all the examinations.

Saves time

Another advantage of a full examination is that it saves time. Most of them usually take around 2 hours. It is not like a clinic where you are required o be examined by all doctors, as this may take even the whole day.

Even if you want to do an MRI of the whole body, you are required to register for separate examinations. The head will be checked first, then the chest and so non. Aside from the MRI you may undergo other tests which may take long.

It’s convenient.

You will have to organize everything by yourself if you are undergoing diagnostic procedures. For a check-up, you will be assisted in all the procedures so that that a little time is taken during the examination.

At the ned of the survey you will be given the following:

  • The results of the tests
  • Research protocols
  • Conclusions of radiologists
  • X-rays
  • CT and MRI results (including electronically)

The final consultation with the therapsit take s about an hour and it can also be done remotely online.

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A full examination is better that conventional examinations and dispensaries because of the conclusions and recommendations provided. You will be able to prevent any underlying issues from occurring and that will save you a lot of costs on drugs.

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