Gymnastics for inter-rib neuralgia


Most spinal disease are usually treated with physiotherapy and changes in lifestyle. Gymnastics in inter-rib neuralgia not only eases the pain but it also assists in treatment of the disease if it was caused by curvature of the spine.

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What is neuralgia?


Neuralgia is an acute pain syndrome that occurs due to pinching of the nerve endings especially when making movements. Pathology can also appear as a result of diseases of the spine such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis, protrusions and hernias. It can also be caused by tumours in the thoracic region as well as due to gastrointestinal diseases. Symptoms usually appear after hypothermia, stress, heavy physical activity and long stay in an uncomfortable position.

If the inter-rib neuralgia is not associated with diseases of internal organs, gymnastics is an excellent remedy. It will release nerve fibres, reduce painful sensations and strengthen the muscles that protect the trunks from bone exposure.

Indications and contraception

Neurologists recommend gymnastics if:

  • Neuralgia caused curvature or degenerative changes in the spine.
  • The disease is in remission.
  • Pain began after a static load because of a sedentary lifestyle.

Ensure that you consult the doctor before you begin your gymnastics classes. This will help in determining what exactly is causing the disease and the possible limitations. If the neuralgia is caused by tumours or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gymnastics will not be a good form of treatment. However, if the disease began as a result of the destruction of the vertebrae, you should avoid physical activity in the following situations:

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  • The neuralgia is in the acute stage and it causes intense pain.
  • It is accompanied by rising temperatures, rashes and swelling as these may be signs of a serious inflammatory process.
  • There are severe spinal pathologies requiring surgery: hernias and displacement of the vertebrae.
  • Apart from the affected spine, there are pathologies of internal organs.
  • Pregnancy.

In other cases, moderate mobility and breast sprains can be beneficial. Depending on your health and general condition, you can opt for exercises of varying intensity, add shells or engage in more severe sports. The most important thing is to wait until the acute stage of the disease and the pain subsides. After this check with the specialist if there are any restrictions.

Which sports can help?

If you can perform gymnastics in inter-rib neuralgia, you can also do exercise’s such as yoga or swimming. The latter will not only assist in getting rid of pain but it will also strengthen the muscles of the back and chest. Swimming is also a good remedy if you have problems with the lower back or knees as these are regions that cannot undergo many excercises.

If the disease is not as serious, the doctor may recommend Pilates or aerobics. The exercise you do does not really matter so long as you perform it regularly, you do not over do it and you closely monitor the reaction of your body. Try to incorporate exercises into your daily routine and the pain of the inter-rib neuralgia with be eased with time.

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However, keep in mind that the exercises should only be done after visiting the physician who will determine the intensity and the nature of the physical activity.

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