High stomach: What it can be and what to do


The high stomach happens as a result of distension of the abdomen and it can be due to consuming high sugar and fat diet, constipation and inability to do physical activity.

woman with upper stomach pain

Aside from swelling of the abdominal region, there may be discomfort and difficulty in breathing, depending on the severity of the stomach pain. Other symptoms that may be experienced include poor digestion, malaise and increased risk of inflammation of the intestine.

The high stomach can happen due to several conditions, the main ones being:

1. Poor nutrition


Consumption of foods rich in sugar or fat can favour the occurrence of a high stomach. This is because these foods undergo fermentation in the body and they produce many gases which lead to abdominal distention.

Moreover, the mode of consumption of a particular food can also lead to high stomach, especially when eating too fast, as there is little chewing or when the intervals between meals is too small. Apart from having a high stomach there is increased risk of weight gain and accumulation of fat in the abdominal region.

Eating too much food at once or foods that cause symptoms of intolerance can cause also cause a high stomach.

Consuming too much food at once or from foods that cause some symptom of intolerance can also cause a high stomach.

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2. Intestinal problems

Some intestinal problems can also cause a high stomach. This is because, inflammation of structures in the intestine can lead to production of gases and abdominal swelling. Therefore, people suffering from constipation, intestinal infections, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome may experience a high stomach.

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3. Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of physical activity can also lead to a high stomach. This is because the food consumed is stored in the body in form of fat, hence resulting to bloating.

4. Genetics

The high stomach can also be due to genetic factors and it can affect thin people as well, who eat properly or those who practice regular physical activity.

In such cases, it is recommended to seek guidance from a doctor that the high stomach is evaluated and checked for any health risks, so that the right treatment can be started as soon as possible.

If the high stomach does not cause aesthetic or functional problems in an individual, treatment should be customized according to the symptoms of the patient.

What to do

The main form of treatment of high stomach is feeding, since this is the main cause of abdominal distension and consequently results in high stomach. For this reason it is recommended to:

  • Avoid heavy food consumption at night
  • Decrease the consumption of foods rich in sugar and fat, as well as foods that result in symptoms of intolerance, such as milk and dairy products
  • Practice physical activity on a regular basis, including exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal region
  • Drink water during the day, at least 2 liters
  • Make at least 5 meals per day with less food volume at any given time
  • Eat more fiber, fruits and vegetables, as they improve the functioning of the intestine, as they not only prevent constipation, but also the high stomach
  • Eat slowly and chew several times and avoiding talking while eating so there is no swallowing of air
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
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glass of water being poured which is a home remedy for upset stomach

In some cases, the high stomach can be treatment through aesthetic procedures such as cryolipolysis. This is the procedure that involves exposing fat cells at low temperatures, promoting their disruption and eliminating abdominal distension.

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