Homemade mosquito repellents for Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya mosquitoes


Repellents are usually applied to the body, especially during epidemics of dengue, sika ad chukungunya. This is because they prevent bites of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which transmits these diseases. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization warn against the use of repellents that contain substances such as DEET or luridine above 20% for adults and above 10% for children who are above the age of 2 years.

homemade mosquito repellant

In addition, home made repellents are also a great option against mosquitos especially for those people who cannot use chemicals. However, the time taken for the homemade repellent to be effective is very low and this means that there will be need to apply it often. As a result of this, it may not be very effective.

Repellent for adults and pregnant women


An example of a homemade mosquito repellent, that can be used by both adolescents and adults including pregnant women are those made from clove which are mainly used by fishermen. This repellent is rich in essential oil and eugenol, and it has insecticidal properties, which ward off mosquitos, flies and ants.


  • 500 ml cereal alcohol
  • 10 g clove
  • 100 ml almond oil or mineral

Preparation mode

Pour the alcohol and place the clove, both in a dark bottle then cover with a lid for 4 days. Stir the mixture twice a day, in the morning and evening. After the 4 days, add body oil, then stir lightly and replace the repellent in a spray container.

How to use homemade repellent

Place the repellent throughout the region of the body which is exposed to mosquito bites, such as the arms, face and legs. Reapply several times a day and after exercising, sweating or after getting wet. The maximum duration in which the repellent stays on the skin is 3 hours. For this reason, the repellent should be reapplied to the skin parts that are subject to the bites after this period.

essential oil insect repellent adding to spray bottle

Another important thing to noteis that you should spray the repellent over your clothes becuase the mosquito stinger can pass through very thin tissues hence reaching the skin.

This lotion can also be applied on surfaces that have ants as it will repel them. If the ants like staying on sugar, then simply place some units of clove inside the sugar bowl.

Homemade repellent for babies and children

Baby’s who are above two months can also be applied for a homemade repellent, which is in form of moisturizing cream with essential lavender oil. However, it should not be used by pregnant women.


  • 1 pack 150 ml of Proderm moisturizer;
  • 1 tablespoon lavender essential oil.

Preparation mode

Mix the contents of each of the ingredients in a glass container very wel then store again in the proderm bottle. Apply in all parts of the body that are exposed to mosquito bites. Do this daily for about 8 times a day.

Electronic mosquito repellent

An electric repellent against mosquitoes and other insects can also be used. Simply place one rectangular sliced lemon or orange peel inside the reserved place to put the refill of electric repellents that is plugged in the sockets and change the peel daily.

This repellent may not be effective in warding off mosquitoes and therefore the person should also apply it on the skin.

Homemade fly repellent

An example of homemade fly repellent is to place 15 to 20 skewered cloves in half a lemon or an orange.


  • 10 g clove
  • 1 orange or 1 lemon

Preparation mode

Stick the cloves on the outside of the fruit and leave it outdoors. To increase the effectiveness, cut the orange or lemon in the middle and stick the carnations inside. Moreover, if the fruit is squeezed a little bit, the juice will have a greater action together with the caranations.

12. Rubbing Alcohol Spray

Clove has properties that irritate insects and these properties are more effective when it used together with citrus fruits.

Aside from these natural homemade repellents, there are also commercial repellents that can be used such as Exposis or Off. They can be used by both pregnant women and children, protecting them against mosquito bites.

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