Horsetail Tea: All We Need to Know


Horsetail is a therapeutic plant, otherwise called horsetail, horsetail or pony stick, broadly utilized as a home solution for quit draining and plentiful period, for instance. Likewise, because of its mitigating and diuretic activity, horsetail can be utilized to help the treatment of kidney stone and urinary contaminations, for instance.

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The logical name of the Horsetail is Equisetum arable and can be found in regular items stores and some aggravating drug stores as plants or cases, for instance.

The most devoured type of horsetail is in tea, and horsetail tea is viewed as an incredible diuretic and can help in the thinning cycle and in the battle of swellings by liquid maintenance.

What the Horsetail is for


Horsetail has astringent, mitigating, mending, diuretic, antihypertensive, hostile to hemorrhagic, remineralizing, antirheumatic, cancer prevention agent, stomach related, antimicrobial and antidiarreic activity, and can be utilized with a few destinations, for example,

• Assist in the treatment of urinary and urinary issues, for example, nephritis, cystitis and urinary diseases;

• Decrease bountiful feminine stream;

• Prevent and treat seeping in the stomach and nose;

• Decrease going bald;

• Assist in the treatment of ailment, joint inflammation and gout;

• Lower circulatory strain;

• Prevent and aid the treatment of friezes.

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A cup of horsetail tea with fresh horsetail twigs

Likewise, because of its properties, the horsetail can likewise be utilized to battle manifestations of stress and tension, mind-set swings and liquid maintenance.

The most effective method to make Horsetail tea

The pre-owned aspect of the Horsetail is its dry support to make tea, showers and poultices, for instance. The principle method of utilization of horsetail is tea, which is simple and quick to make:


• 1 cup bubbling water;

• 1 tablespoon horsetail.


To make the tea just put the horsetail in the bubbling water and let represent around 5 minutes. At that point sing and drink 2 to 3 cups per day, ideally after the primary suppers of the day.

Another approach to utilize the horsetail is by methods for cases, which ought to be taken by clinical counsel, being generally demonstrated the utilization of 2 containers 2 times each day, or by methods for the seat shower, which can likewise be utilized to treat urinary diseases. To make the seat shower just put 3 modest bunches of dry braces in the bathwater and remain inundated in the water for 5 to 10 minutes.

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Herb equisetum arvense in mortar with pestle on wooden background

Contraindications and Side Effects

The horsetail isn’t regularly connected with results, notwithstanding, when burned-through enormous sum, and for quite a while, can cause loss of minerals critical to the body, which can bring about the runs, migraine, lack of hydration, weight reduction, pulse change and muscle shortcoming, for instance. Hence, it is suggested that the horsetail is just burned-through for brief times of as long as multi week, or as indicated by the direction of a specialist, nutritionist or botanist.

The utilization of horsetail isn’t suggested for pregnant and lactating ladies, just as individuals who have cardiovascular breakdown, low circulatory strain and kidney maladies, for instance, because of its capacity to bring down pulse and have a diuretic impact.

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