How does the body’s check-up go?

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Check–up is a comprehensive examination that is done so as to identify any illnesses and for disease prevention.

One of its main advantages is that it saves time. You will not have to wait in queues and go for diagnoses several times. All the procedures take about two hours.

Before the examination

You should arrive at least 20 minutes before it begins and the diagnostic procedures should be done on an empty stomach. You should also carry any materials from previous examinations so as to help in the diagnosis.

During the examination

You will first meet an administrator who will give you a patients questionnaire to fill then you will proceed to the treatment room.

First of all, you’ll get blood tests done Including:

  • Clinical blood test with leukocyte formula and CEE,
  • Coagulogram,
  • Biochemical blood test,
  • Analysis for thyroid hormones and cancer markers.

You will then be taken to the radiation diagnostics office where you will undergo an MRI and a CT scan. The progress of the research will be monitored by a radiologist.

The check-up program includes:

  • MRI of the brain with MR-angiography of the vessels of the brain and neck.
  • MRI of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrums of the spine.
  • ICAC-study of chest organs (lungs, bronchial tree, heart, pulmonaion artery and aorta).
  • MRI of abdominal and abdominal organs (including liver, pancreas, bile and urinary tract, spleen, adrenal glands, kidneys, lymph nodes, vascular structures and soft tissues).
  • MRI of the pelvic organs (urinary bladder and rectum). This MRI also includes: for men – study of the prostate and seminal vesicles, for women – ovaries, uterus, vagina and fallopian tubes.
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Notify the specialist in case you get tired during an MRI or CT scan so that you can take a short break.

After all the procedures, you will receive a disk with full information on CT and MRI.

After the examination

Once your blood tests are ready, the experts will make the final conclusion after which you will meet with a doctor.

If you are more comfortable with this then you can proceed to the final consultation with a therapist that is usually done online by booking an appointment. After this you will receive your test results. This will be inclusive of results from qualified doctors, detailed recommendations and forms of analysis.

Check up is simply a quick diagnosis of the whole body and it provides the most accurate information about your current condition and tells you the changes you need to make to prevent a certain disease.

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