How to calculate calories spent on exercise


The calories that are spent during exercises varies depending on the person’s weight and the intensity of the physical activity. However, there are those exercises that spend the most calories, such as running, rope jumping, swimming, playing water polo and roller blading.

On average, a person weighing 50 kg spends more than 600 calories per hour when running on a treadmill. While those who are about 80kg spend about 1000 calories per hour for the same activity. This difference is because the higher the weight, the effort the body will need to ensure that their is no lack of oxygen and energy in all cells of the body.


Other examples of exercises that burn many calories when done are intense body building, indoor soccer, tennis, boxing, judo and jiu-jitsu. However, you should not begin an exercise just because it leads to burning of lots of calories. You should eat well, love the activity that you will be doing and devote yourself to practicing the exercise for at least 3 times a week, for an hour or daily for 30 minutes. This is because the regularity of the exercise is very essential in weight loss.

Caloric Expenditure by Physical Activity


By knowing the energy expenditure of the exercises as well as the calories of food lost it is possible to structure a diet as well as the appropriate physical activity so that the goal is achieved quickly, whether it is gaining of muscle mass or weight loss.

The caloric expenditure of physical activities vary depending on factors related to the person, as well as the intensity and duration of the physical activity.

It is therefore possible to increase the amount of calories spent per day by increasing the body’s metabolism and increasing muscles. This is because, the more lean mass the person has, the more calories they will spend.

What influences caloric expenditure

Caloric expenditure depends on various factors that are related to the person and the type of exercise they perform. These include:

  • Weight and body structure
  • Height
  • Intensity, type and duration of physical activity
  • Age
  • Conditioning level

It is therefore important to take into account all of these factors so as to know the amount of calories that each person spends per day. In addition, it is also important that the nutritionist calculates the amount of calories that must e spent per day so as to aid in weight loss. Other factors that should also be taken into account include life habits, age, height and weight.

How to burn more calories to lose weight

The most appropriate way to burn more calories that will aid in weight loss is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, practice physical in an intense and regular way, taking a balanced diet and staying focused on the goal. For this reason nutritional monitoring is very important.

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It is also advisable to perform physical activity that is appropriate to the habits an tastes of the person. This is because, it is possible that the person will remain motivated if they perform the exercise on a regular basis.

When beginning to practice a particular type of physical activity, it is ideal to combine it with a healthy diet, that will stimulate metabolism and favour caloric expenditure and promote weight loss. Nevertheless,, the more a person is motivated, the greater the effort will be to exercise hence more calories will be burnt.

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