How to discolour hair properly


Do you want to discolour your hair properly? Then is is necessary that you invest in good quality products that contain oxygenated water-volume of 30 or 40 and the bleaching powder, which must always be in proportion of two parts of hydrogen peroxide to 1 of bleaching powder.

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Although this is an aesthetic procedure that does nit pose any health risks, some people may have allergic reactions to the products. It is therefore necessary to perform a test on a small part of the forearm before applying the product throughout the body or to the hair.

Step by step procedure to discolour hair at home


If you have never done hair discolouration before at home, then it is advisable to first apply a small portion of the product on the forearm and wait for about 15 minutes so as to check for any reactions.

During this period, one may feel mild itching which is perfectly normal but it should not cause too much pain and the part of the skin should not become red. After the indicated 15 minutes, remove the product and if there are no blisters or any other form of irritation then it is safe to apply the product to the rest of the body excluding the face and the private parts.

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The following steps must be followed to discolour the hair correctly at home;

  1. Apply a moisturizing oil on the parts of the skin that one wishes to discolour, such as sweet almonds or coconut oil.
  2. Mix until you get a homogeneous cream, by mixing two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide volume 30 or 40, for each plastic spoon of bleaching powder
  3. Apply a thick layer of the mixture of bleaching powder on skin and hydrogen peroxide, using a soft bristle brush
  4. Massage the part where the product was applied with latex gloves, lightly and in circular motions
  5. After 30 minutes, remove the entire product in a warm water bath, with mild soap and without using bath sponges

Once the product has been removed, it is recommended that an exfoliation be done on the site where the hair discolouration was done. This is because the product used may contain chemicals that may harm the skin and therefore it is necessary to remove layers of damaged and dead skin.

To finish the process, one should maintain the health of the skin as indicated by applying moisturizing cream throughout the area that was discoloured.

This procedure can be done in aesthetic clinics and it is usually referred to as the moon bath. The beautician does it by performing the process throughout the body.

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Care during and after the procedure

In order to get the expected results, it is necessary that the equipment where the mixture was made and the spoon that was used to measure the desired quantity should be plastic as this material maintains the quality of the products.

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In addition, when the product is on the skin, it is recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight as well as avoiding using anything that will speed up the discolouration process, such as hair driers or aluminium foil.

After discolouration of hair, it is advisable to maintain a daily routine of skin hydration and avoid taking very hot baths or using very firm bath bushings. This is because, after this procedure, the skin becomes more sensitive and it can therefore dry and break easily. One should also not discolour the hair again for the next 30 days.

Can pregnant and lactating women discolor their hair?

Despite the procedure being very simple, hair discolouration is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mithers. It is therefore necessary to make inquiries from the obstetrician or gynaecologist regarding the products that can be used.

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