How to do a knee massage


The knees usually ache in people who have damages in the lower limbs as a result of a blow or injury, athletics, due to pregnancy, obesity and in patients who visit the orthopaedists, rheumatologists and so on. In such a case, the patent usually requires individual medical treatment or knee massage.

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Massage has various benefits to the body such as warming up the tissues, increasing supply of blood and increasing the amount of nutrients that enter the cells. Doing massage on a regular basis enable the ligaments become more mobile and elastic

When is a massage be required?


Performing a light shallow massage does not always mean something is wrong even from a medical point of view. To stretch your neck, shoulder, elbow, knees or back is useful. The following situations require the need for a massage:

  • Injuries. May be due to falling or hitting some obstacle.
  • Stretching and ligament ruptures. When there are accidents may be from sports.
  • Dislocations. It happens rarely with the knee, but anything may happen because of accidents and serious sports collisions.
  • Meniscus damage, both internal and lateral. This problem is particularly prevalent among athletes and the elderly.
  • Intraarticular fractures. Typical for the elderly and often occur due to falls.
  • Cartilage damage that accompanies dislocations, fractures and bruises.

In some cases there may be need for a specialized massage that you should nit do on your own but instead by a professional masseur.

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When can’t you do a massage?

The following situations strictly do not require massage:

  • If you are sick of SARS or ARD.
  • When inflammatory and peralic processes are going on in the body.
  • After you’ve recently undergone a major surgery or have been seriously injured.
  • You have an allergy and have skin rashes.
  • There are tumours in the body.
  • You have blood disease or coronary heart disease.

Ensure that you seek the right clarification before you begin the massage.

The basic techniques of knee massage

Knee massage like any other type of massage begins with stroking. It is done to soothe the skin and enhance other movements. Surface stroking relaxes and has a deep tonic effect as well as increasing blood flow.

After stroking, start rubbing as this will shift the skin around the knee, stretch and warms as the knee joint begin to receive more blood. The knee does not have muscles that should be kneaded so the whole essence of knee massage is rubbing.

If the knee is broken from all sides, move the knee cap as you clasp it with the hand; up, down, diagonally and in a circular manner. This will help in breaking the ligaments.

What should you remember when doing a knee massage?

The person doing the massage should stand on the side of the massaged leg while the one being massaged should lie on their back. It is ideal to place a roller under the knees.


The leg should also be completely relaxed. All the movements made should be done in the course of blood and lymph vessels; from the shin to the groin.

During the first session, you should not crumple your knee so much because the cartilage, ligaments, muscles and the skin will get used to it.

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