How to draw water from the ear


A great way to quickly remove water from the ear is to tilt your head to the side of the clogged ear then hold in as much air using your mouth, as you make sudden movements with your head, from the natural position of the head to near the shoulder.

Another homemade method is to put a drop of a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and apple cider vinegar in the affected ear. Heat will make the alcohol to evaporate and it will dry the water that is in the ear canal, while the vinegar will have a protective action against infections.

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If these techniques are not successful then you can try other ways like:

  1. Place in the ear the tip of a towel or paper, but without forcing, to absorb water
  2. Lightly pull the ear in several directions while placing the clogged ear face down
  3. Dry the ear with a hair dryer, at minimum power and a few centimetres away, to dry the ear

If these methods do not prove to be effective, it is best to consult an otorhinolaryngologist who will properly remove the water from the ear to avoid any risks of infection.

If you can remove the water but there is still pain in the ear canal then there are other natural techniques that can relieve the pain such as applying a warm compress on the ear.

How to draw water from the baby’s ear


The safest way to draw water from the baby’s ear is to dry the ear using a soft towel. However, if the baby still portrays discomfort, then it should be taken to the paediatrician so as to avoid any development of an infection.

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To prevent the water from getting into the baby’s ear, a good tip is that, when bathing the baby, place a piece of cotton in the ear to cover the ear and place a bit of Vaseline on the cotton. This is because the fat present in the solid oil will not allow water to pass through to the ear easily.

In addition, whenever there is need to go to the pool or on the beach, then it is ideal that you put an earplug so as to prevent water from entering your ears or wear a swimming cap that covers your ears.

When to go to the doctor

It is common that the symptoms which arise after having water in the ear such as decreased hearing and pain will arise after going to the pool or bathing. If they arise when the site has not been touched then it may be a sign of infection and it is important therefore to consult an ENT to identify the problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Moreover, when the pain worsens and does not improve in 24 hours, an otorhinolaryngologist should be consulted immediately to diagnose whether there is an infection and prescribe the right treatment.

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