How to relieve heartburn and burning in the stomach


There are some natural interesting solutions that can be used to relieve heart burn in the stomach such as taking cold water, eating an apple and relaxing a bit. These solutions can be used after taking fatty meals or consuming excess alcohol.

The burning sensation in the stomach and throat is usually caused by poor digestion and reflux. This is when the contents in the stomach end up rising through the oesophagus hence causing discomfort that tends to worsen at bedtime.

When symptoms become common and reflux is present for more than 15 days a month, heartburn and burning may cause lesions and impair health of the oesophagus and stomach. In this case, it is recommended to consult with a gastroenterologist who will perform tests to confirm the diagnosis and thus start the most appropriate treatment.

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To reduce discomfort caused by heartburn and decrease the intensity and frequency of seizures, some strategies can be used such as:

1. Home remedies


Some natural ways to combat heartburn and burning in the stomach include:

  • Raw potato juice
  • Cabbage and apple juice
  • Papaya and calyse juice
  • Eat 1 apple or pear without peel
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Using these practices and completing the homemade treatment with teas such as fennel and ginger can also help in relieving heartburn in addition to reducing the intensity that comes with it.

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2. Pharmacy remedies

In some cases, the doctor may recommend the use of antacid medications such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide or baking soda, acid production inhibitors such as omeprazole, gastric emptying accelerators such as domperidone or gastric protectors such as sucralfate.

These medications should only be taken under medical guidance as they have contraindications and side effects.

3. Strategies to combat heartburn and burning

In addition to treatment with home and pharmacy remedies, there are some strategies that can be adopted to relieve heartburn and also reduce frequency of seizures:

  • Raise the head of the bed
  • Lose weight, as abdominal volume also causes heartburn
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid fatty, fried and spicy foods
  • Avoid meals containing broths and sauces
  • Avoid drinking coffee, black tea, chocolate and soda
  • Make small meals throughout the day, avoiding eating too much at once
  • Avoid doing isometric exercises, such as the abdominal plank and common abdominals
  • Sleep lying under the left side, especially after eating
  • Avoid stressful situations

If heartburn persists even after the indicated treatment and necessary care, the gastroenterologist may recommend anti-reflux surgery, which involves placing a valve in the stomach, to prevent the acid content from returning to the throat.

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