How to Stimulate the Baby to Turn Alone

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The baby should begin to attempt rolling between the 4th and the 5th month. By the end of the 5th, it should be able to do this totally by turning from one side to the other, lying on its stomach and without help from parents or supports.

In case this does not occur, the paediatrician accompanying the child should be informed so that they verify if its some type of developmental delay or a lack of stimulation.

Some babies are able to make this move as early as the beginning of their 3 months of life, and there is no problem in a more accelerated development. This usually occurs when the baby has begun to raise its head back earlier and has learnt to control it.

Pranks to stimulate the baby to roll

The main factor that assists the baby to develop motor coordination well is the stimuli it receives from parents and family members and also the contact offered through different objects, shapes and textures.

Here are some pranks that parents can use to encourage the baby to turn alone:

1. Use their favorite toy

A tip that can help the baby turn around on its own is to put it on its stomach and leave their favorite toy next to it, in a way that the baby can see the object when they turn their head, but will not reach it.

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As the movement of picking up the object with the hands will not be enough, the baby will be stimulated to roll, hence strengthening the muscles of the upper back and hip; which are also important for the baby to sit by the 6th month.

2. Call the baby

Another tactic that can be used is to leave the baby lying on its side at arms length, calling him smiling and clapping. This will help the baby learn how to turn.

While doing this game, it is important to put support on the baby’s back so as to prevent it from rolling to the opposite side and to avoid falls.

3. Use a stereo

During the 4th and 5th month of life, the baby usually begins to take interest in sounds that it hears especially those of nature and animals.

For these to be used in the baby’s motor development and help them turn, parents ought to leave the baby on their stomach then put a stereo. It should be one that is not too loud and not too large. The baby will be curious to know where the sound is coming from and this will encourage them to turn around and roll.

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Necessary care

From the moment the baby learns how to turn, care should be taken so as to avoid accidents. These include, not leaving it alone on top of beds, sofas, tables or diaper changers; as the risk of fall is higher in these places.

It is also recommended to place objects that have tips, are too hard or that are sharp, at least 3 metres from the child.

In addition, it is normal for the baby to learn how to turn on one side first and always prefer to turn on this side. Gradually, the muscles will strengthen and it will be easier to turn on the other side as well. However, it is necessary for parents and family members to create stimuli on both sides as well as helping the child develop a sense of space.

What is the importance of stimulation?

At this stage, the stimulation of the baby for motor development is very important because after learning how to roll, the child will drag to finally start crawling.

Signs that the baby is developing well include turning and rolling, but for these to happen, it is necessary that the previous phases be completed. Such as being able to lift the head back when they are on their stomach.

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