How to Tell Grandma not to Kiss Baby


How to Tell Grandma to Stop Kissing Baby: How To Handle the “Oldest Trick in the Book”


It’s one of the most common things that grandparents do to their grandchildren. But, it can be a little tricky to tell them not to kiss your baby.

Many people might think that it is best not to say anything and let them continue on with their kisses. However, this could lead to confusion in the future and cause more harm than good.

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10 Tips for How to Tell Grandma Not To Kiss Baby

This is a list of 10 ways to avoid being kissed by grandmas.

1. Don’t be too friendly with the grandma

2. Don’t act like you want to be kissed

3. Make sure that you are not in a vulnerable position when the grandma approaches you

4. Try to avoid eye contact with the grandma and don’t smile at her

5. Try not to react when she kisses you

6. Go up for air as soon as possible

7. Turn your head away from her and move away from her

8. Look at something else or close your eyes if she does kiss you

9. If she does kiss, try not to show any reaction and just let it happen

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10. If she still insists on kissing, tell her that it’s time for bed

5 Tips for Telling Your Family Member Not To Kiss Baby

When you have a family member who is constantly kissing your baby, it can be hard to tell them to stop. Here are 5 tips on how you can tell them not to kiss your child.

1. Be calm and patient: This is the most important tip when telling someone not to kiss your baby. If you are angry, yelling or accusing them of something, they will feel attacked and will be more likely to keep doing what they are doing.

2. Make it clear that the behavior needs to stop: It is important that you make it clear that the behavior needs to stop before giving them any specific instructions on what they should do instead. For example, if they are constantly hugging their grandchild while holding their hand in theirs, say “I really like spending time with my grandchild but I need for you not to hold her hand.”

3. Be direct: If you want someone else not to kiss your child, be direct about it! Tell them “Please don’t

7 Tips for Talking To Your Family About How You Don’t Want Your Child Kissed

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. You can always talk to a parent about how you want your child to be treated and what you need in order to feel comfortable.

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1) Be clear about your boundaries and expectations

2) Communicate with them in a way that they can understand

3) Make sure they understand why you don’t want them kissing their kids

4) Let them know when they have crossed the line

5) Be open-minded and listen to their perspective

6) Remember that this is not about the parents, it’s about what’s best for the child

7) Know when it’s time to take action

8 Ways of Saying No When You Don’t Want a Grandparent’s Kiss on the Big Day

When you don’t want your child to be kissed by their grandparents on the big day, you need to be specific and use these 8 ways of saying no.

1. “I would love it if my kids could have a moment with their grandparents on their wedding day.”

2. “I’m not ready for my kids to meet their grandparents yet.”

3. “My children and I are still getting used to each other.”

4. “My kids are still really young, they’re just starting out in life.”

5. “We’re not ready for that yet.”

6. “It’s too soon for that.”

7. “I can’t do it at this time, I’m sorry.”

How to tell mom not to kiss newborn baby

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New parents are often excited to kiss their newborn baby, but it’s not a good idea. Babies are not yet prepared to handle the germs that can be spread by kissing.

The first time your baby is born, you might want to wait until he or she is a few weeks old before you give them your first kiss. That’s because babies are not able to fight off germs like adults and children can, and they can easily pass on colds and other illnesses if they’re kissed too soon.

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