Inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder joint


The joint of the shoulder works everyday when doing activities such as raising the arms and bending the elbows and it is also connected to the back and chest. If you fail to cure minor injuries or inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder joint, a special case of tendinitis may begin to occur.

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Types of tendinitis and its causes

This inflammation of the tendons usually occurs due to the damage of the shoulder bone. In rare occasions does it occur because of ligament injures between the shoulder and the bicep as well as near the rotator cuff.

Micro trauma of tissues lead to tendonitis. For instance, small muscles will rupture. The damaged tissue surrounds the joint and inflammation will increase in this region. Movement will become difficult and cause severe pain.

Two main reason why tendonitis occur include:

  • Excessive physical activity leading to ruptures and sprains
  • Deposition of calcium salts in tendons

The second cause can be due to injury, vascular diseases and improper metabolism.

There are also rarer caused of tendonitis such as infections, joint dysplasia, stress and immune diseases. In such cases, the bone compounds will begin to break down and this will cause inflammation.

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Who is at risk?

Athletes are the people who are prone to getting inflammation of the tendons. This is because their joints bear heavy loads without taking rest. Moreover, tendinitis is often found in people who love gardening and heavy weight lifters such as movers, builders and repairmen.

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If you often suffer from infectious diseases or conditions related to the immune or endocrine system, you should monitor the health of the endocrine system. You may be required to give up sports such as tennis or basketball as well as engaging in any hard physical work.

How do I determine the presence of inflammation?

The first sign of shoulder tendon inflammation is pain that is usually sharp and nagging, especially as you lift you hands or when making spinning movements. You will often experience a feeling of weakness even when simply lifting an objet from the table.

Touching the inflamed region will cause a lot of pain that will be localised and increase in temperature. If you notice that a part of your shoulder and skin is red and warm then most likely the tendons of the shoulder joint are inflamed.

If you neglect these symptoms and fail to begin treatment on time the sore on the shoulder will lose calcium salts and be dehydrated. It will be more difficult to move and whenever you try and raise you hand you will hear and crunch or crackling sound.

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Examination and diagnosis

This will be done to help the surgeon or orthopaedist determine the disease. The most important part of inspection is comparing the active and passive movements. With tendinitis, you will not be able to actively move your shoulder and if the doctor tries to move your joint it will be impossible. This is the main feature of this disease when conducting a visual examination.

You will be asked about the nature and frequency of the pain as well as the possible causes whether it is lifestyle or injuries. Afterwards, an accurate diagnosis will be conducted that may include ultrasound and shoulder MRI. MRI is the most accurate and detailed method used to diagnose joint diseases.

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During the diagnosis the doctor will find that the disease disrupted metabolism. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive operation that is done for treatment and examination for diagnosis and it may be prescribed for accurate examination.

Treatment and prevention of joint inflammation

There are different ways of treating the disease. The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers in form of tablets or ointments as well as physiotherapy. With inflammation of the shoulder joint, it is best to perform LFC, ultrasound, magnetic therapy and massage. All patients are advised to rest and protect the shoulder from excessive load.

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Surgery is only used if the conservative treatment has not yielded any results. However, physiotherapy and load restriction make it easier to cure tendonitis in the initial stages.

The main way to prevent conditions of the shoulder joint is avoid carrying heavy loads. If this is impossible, you can simply warm up the body to avoid injury. If you feel pain in your shoulder during the exercise the stop immediately and take a rest. The best results will be obtained if you eat the right foods and do exercises on a daily basis. You aim is to reduce the chance of sudden joint damage.

You should visit the doctor on a regularly basis if you suffer from infectious disease. Remember to treat diseases of the back that lead to decreased mobility and cause inflammation of the spine.

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