Mission and Vision

To ensure the excellence of the content produced and to certify that Zufi.net always remains a digital platform of reference in the area of health, it has become necessary to outline, over the years, the pillars on which our work is based.

These pillars ensure that our work remains faithful to the original mission of our creators: to guide and clarify objectively and clearly, those who seek us, on issues of health, nutrition and well-being, to improve their quality of life. a team that always cares about you

Our Values

From these pillars, the values that guide all our work emerged. That’s why:

  • We areteam : the concern for the other is in everything we do. Thus, it is also present in our workplace, where we have a feeling of the collective and encourage unity and cohesion.
  • We area customer: our concern also extends to our visitors, who are our main reason for existing. It is to our visitors that we want to deliver daily content with rigor, but simple and accessible that is able to understand and respond to their real needs and concerns.
  • We are responsibility and autonomy:our work is based on the responsibility of creating content based and with authority, respecting the autonomy of each team member. Your Health is our common good and so we treat this platform with the responsibility of those who want to see their legacy grow with pride.
  • We are innovation and proactivity: we know that the digital world is constantly changing and for this reason we try to be always one step ahead, anticipating opportunities and looking for new solutions.
  • We are ina good mood : they say that smiling is the best remedy, and therefore we believe that provoking good disposition in others is essential, even when we approach the most difficult issues.

These are the pillars that guarantee our authenticity, allowing us to create an identity of authority that helps add true value to online information.