Six Month Baby Feeding


In feeding the baby at a half year, it ought to be begun the presentation of new nourishments in the menu, scattering with feedings, regardless of whether normal or in the equation. Consequently, it is at this stage that one should add to the eating routine nourishments, for example, vegetables, foods grown from the ground, consistently with the consistency of purees, stocks, soups or little ones to encourage gulping and absorption.

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During the presentation of new nourishments on the baby’s menu, it is significant that each new food is presented alone, to encourage the ID of hypersensitivities or food sensitivities, permitting the family to know the purposes behind issues, for example, stomach torment, loose bowels or obstruction. Preferably, another food ought to be brought into the eating regimen at regular intervals, which additionally encourages the transformation of the baby to the taste and surface of new nourishments.

To aid the presentation of the half-year-old baby’s food, one can likewise utilize the BLW strategy where the baby starts to eat alone with and with their hands, which brings various advantages, for example, learning surfaces, shapes and flavours in natural

By what means should the force


The most ideal approach to begin the acquaintance is with feed, is to depend on the three most proper ways for infants, for example,

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1.      Soups, stocks or vegetable purees: they are plentiful in nutrients, minerals and strands that are basic for the right advancement of the baby. A few instances of vegetables that can be given are pumpkin, potato, carrot, yam, zucchini, cauliflower, chuchu and onion.

2.      Purees and organic product porridge: shaved or folded organic products ought to be given to the baby toward the beginning of the day or evening snacks, and can likewise offer cooked organic products, yet consistently without adding sugar. Some great natural products to begin the baby’s strong feeding are apple, pear, banana and papaya, guava and mango.

3.      Mingaus: the mingaus should possibly be added to the food acquaintance when made concurring with the direction of the pediatrician or nutritionist, following the weakening showed on the mark. Corn, rice, wheat and cassava can be utilized. Also, it ought not be stayed away from to offer gluten to the baby, as contact with gluten diminishes the odds of food prejudice later on.

It is common that in the main strong suppers the baby eats next to no amount, since it is as yet building up the capacity to swallow food and harping on new flavors and surfaces. In this manner, it is normally important to enhance the supper with bosom milk or jug, being significant not to compel the baby to eat more than he needs.

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Furthermore, it might be vital for the baby to burn-through a food around multiple times, prior to tolerating it totally.

Menu for half-year-old baby

When beginning the feeding routine of the baby of a half year, one should remember the significance of the great cleanliness of products of the soil, likewise, the food ought to be given in labor and plastic spoons, with the goal that the supplements don’t get lost and mishaps happen, for example, harming the baby’s mouth.

Here’s a model menu for a 6-month-old baby’s food routine for three days:

MealsDay 1Day 2Day 3
BreakfastBreast milk or bottle.Breast milk or bottle.Breast milk or bottle.
Morning snackFruit puree with banana and apple.Watermelon cut into small pieces.Mango porridge.
LunchVegetable puree with sweet potatoes, pumpkin and cauliflower.Vegetable puree with zucchini and broccoli and pea.Vegetable puree with beans and carrots.
Afternoon snackMango cut into small pieces.Corn porridge.Guava pope.
DinnerWheat porridge.Half orange.Rice porridge.
SupperBreast milk or artificial milk.Breast milk or artificial milk.Breast milk or artificial milk.

The suggestion of pediatricians is that consistently after a supper, regardless of whether sweet or pungent, the baby is offered some water, notwithstanding, this isn’t essential after feedings.

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Also, it is essential to recollect that, albeit elite breastfeeding is just as long as a half year of life, the sign of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that breastfeeding is in any event until 2 years old, so that if the baby demands milk, and it is conceivable to offer, that this isn’t denied, given that day by day dinners are made.

Plans for reciprocal feeding

The following are two basic plans that can be given to a 6-month-old baby:

1. Vegetable cream

This formula yields 4 suppers, being conceivable to stick to use in the next days.


•        80 g yam;

•        100 g zucchini;

•        100 g carrots;

•        200 mL of water;

•        1 teaspoon olive oil;

•        1 spot of salt.

Organizing mode

6 to 24 months

Strip, wash and cut the potato and carrot into shapes. Wash the zucchini and cut into cuts. At that point put all the fixings in a pot with bubbling water for 20 minutes. Subsequent to cooking, it is demonstrated to work the vegetables with a fork, since when utilizing the blender or the blend there might be loss of supplements.

2. Banana puree

This puree can be offered as a nibble in the first part of the day and evening, or as a treat after a pungent feast, for instance.


•        1 banana;

•        2 dessert spoons of baby’s milk (regardless of whether powdered or fluid).

Organizing mode

Wash and strip the banana. Cut into pieces and manipulate until pureed. Without then add the milk and blend until smooth.

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