Stomach neurosis: Symptoms and treatment


Most diseases usually originate form the nerves. The human body and your psych are closely related. If you stay in a state of stress, tension, excitement or fear for long periods of time, there will be physiological problems. One of them is stomach neurosis or gastronevorosis.


What is stomach neurosis?


Neurosis is a common name that refers to numerous disorders that arise from stress or psychological trauma. It applies only to the higher nervous system but it can also occur in any organ because all the systems in our body are composed of nerve endings. Therefore, when the stomach is disturbed due to psychological problems it is referred to as gastronevrosa.

It is a common disease that mainly affects middle-aged people mostly women because they are emotionally vulnerable and less stressed than men.

Why does it occur?

There are many reasons why stomach neurosis occurs and not all of them as harmless as they seem.

  • Wrong lifestyle: Irregular regimen, severe constant stress, lack of sleep and overexertion – all these negatively affect the nervous system.
  • Unbalanced diet: Consumption of harmful products and snacks “on the run” harm the entire gastrointestinal tract (LCD).
  • Pathological formations: Oncology, ulcers, gastritis among others.
  • Effects on the digestive tract: Poisoning, intoxication, bad habits and so on.
  • Viral diseases that weaken the organs.
  • Internal conflicts: Dissatisfaction with oneself and life, conflicts with other people.
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Generally, most of these diseases can be ruled out if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of stomach neurosis are easily confused with gastritis and they include:

  • Feeling hungry, even if you had just eaten
  • Colic and bloating
  • Unpleasant sensations and pain in the stomach
  • Attacks of heartburn and burning behind the sternum
  • Uncontrolled belching with an unpleasant smell and loud sound
  • A feeling of heaviness in the abdomen
  • Disgusted by the sight and smell of food
  • Chewing reflex in the absence of food

Therefore, you need to know what psychosomatic symptoms to pay attention to:

  • Headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure
  • Insomnia and overexcitement
  • Phobias and panic attacks
  • Hypochondria
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However, you need to be careful because most of the symptoms mentioned above either physiological or psychosomatic can be found in other diseases. Therefore, it is only after the right diagnosis will you begin treatment.

In what forms does it manifest itself?

It is ideal to know the form that the disease appears so that diagnosis can be made quickly. Each form is dangerous in its own way and it is extremely important to diagnose as soon as possible so that the right treatment can started soonest.

  • Nervous vomiting that occurs without urges and lack of feeling nauseous.
  • Belching, similar to hysteria that occurs due to reflex ingestion of excess air. At the same time, a person makes sounds that resemble screams.
  • Bulimia and anorexia. The patient either eats too much food or practically does not eat – both forms of stomach neurosis are the most dangerous and can lead to death.
  • Heartburn that does not subside, even if you take a special diet.
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What if I have stomach neurosis?

If you have any of the afformentioned physiological and psychosomatic conditions, you need to first consut a neurologist and gastroenterologist so that you may undergo an examination. If you treat only the symptoms, the stomach neurosis might not be completely treatd. This method helps in restoring the psychological health of the patient effcetively.


It is important that you should not self-medicate either with medicines or using traditional remedies. This can cause irreversible conditions that will worsen your health.

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