Top 15 Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia


The most obvious signs of hypoglycaemia include presence of cold sweats with dizziness, which occur when the blood sugar levels are very low, usually below 70mg/dL.

cold sweat

Over time, other symptoms begin to appear and they include the following:

  1. Hunger and weakness
  2. Nausea
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Tingling or numbness in the lips and tongue
  5. Treme
  6. Chills
  7. Irritability and impatience
  8. Anxiety and nervousness
  9. Mood changes
  10. Mental confusion
  11. Headache
  12. Heart palpitations
  13. Lack of coordination in movements
  14. Seizures
  15. Fainting

These symptoms can be experienced by anyone of any age and it is more common with people with diabetes as it is more difficult to keep track of blood sugar levels.

How to confirm if it is hypoglycaemia


Hypoglycaemia occurs when the blood sugar levels are very low usually reaching values below 70mg/dL. It may also affect people whenever they are sleep and in this case it may be difficult to identify.

Thus, the only sure method of knowing blood glucose levels is by doing a rapid test with the handheld device that is normally used by diabetics.

What to do

When you experience the first symptoms or identify someone with signs of hypoglycaemia, you should sit down and take foods high in sugar or carbohydrates that can easily be digested, such as a glass of fruit juice, half a glass of water with 1 table spoon of sugar or a slice of sweet bread.

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After about 15 minutes, their symptoms should be checked for improvement and if possible, the blood glucose levels of the victim should be measured. If the results are still below 70mg/dL or if the symptoms persist, medical help should be sought immediately.

If during this period the person faints, one should immediately seek medical help and then rub sugar paste, containing a few drops of water, inside the person’s cheeks and under the tongue. This technique ensures rapid absorption of sugar and it also minimizes the risks of choking which can arise when giving the patient water with sugar.

Other possible causes

Although a usual symptom of hypoglycemia is the onset of cold sweats along with dizziness, other conditions may cause this type of symptoms. Some of these conditions include:

  • Dehydration
  • A rapid decrease in blood pressure
  • Too much stress and anxiety
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In addition, other serious conditions may also cause similar symptoms, but are rarer and they usually appear in more debilitated people. They include generalized infections or decreased oxygen in the brain.

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