What can be transparent discharge? (egg white type)


Transparent discharge that looks like egg white also known as cervical mucus from the fertile period, is completely normal and common in all women who still menstruate. In addition, it is usually in greater quantity during the ovulation period.

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Along with this type of discharge, it is also common to notice a slight pain in the lower belly. In the vast majority of the time, it is usually a mature egg being released from the ovaries as it goes to the fallopian tubes.

Cervical mucus is an important indication of how the sexual and reproductive health of the woman is. It is therefore important to be aware of any abdominal changes in colour, smell or viscosity.

Smelliness of the transparent discharge


Transparent discharge, also known as egg white occurs a few days after menstruation. It is the main sign of fertile period but it can also indicate an increase in libido and hunger due to the thickness.

To confirm if the transparent discharge is cervical mucus from the fertile period, some important features may be observed such as:

  • The secretion is semi-transparent with elastic consistency and a little sticky, very similar to egg white
  • It is noted when drying after urinating, because the vagina becomes very slippery

In the following days after this observation, the cervical mucus of the fertile period may become more transparent and present a more a viscous consistency such as that of gelatin.

The discharge of egg white also happens to women who have undergone ligation, as this is a change caused by the ovaries which remain intact after the procedure.

Transparent discharge with bad smell

If you experience a bad smell and other symptoms such as a burning sensation when urinating and during sexual intercourse, it may be a sign of an infection caused by fungi or bacteria. As the hours go by, the discharge can change colour and become yellowish or greenish with traces of blood. If this is experienced, the discharge must be evaluated by a gynaecologist, so that tests are performed and treatment started as soon as possible.

Transparent discharge with blood

Transparent discharge with traces of blood usually gives rise to a rosy discharge which may indicate that fertilization took place and that the sperm managed to reach the egg, causing pregnancy. This may be the first sign of pregnancy but it is nit always observed by all women.

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What to do: The best way to confirm pregnancy is to wait for the right day, which is seven days after the first day of menstruation, so that you can take the pregnancy test so as to avoid a false positive/negative result. These test can be done by performing a pharmacy test or blood test, which is more specific and is recommended for pregnancy detection.

Here are some questions that might be used to find out if you are at risk of getting pregnant:

1. Have you had relationships without using a condom or other contraceptive method in the last month?

2. Have you noticed any pink vaginal discharge lately?

3. Do you feel sick or feel like throwing up in the morning?

4. Are you more sensitive to smells (cigarette smell, perfume, food)?

5. Does your belly look more swollen, making it harder to wear tight pants?

6. Do you feel that your breasts are more sensitive or swollen?

7. Do you think your skin looks more oily and tends to have pimples?

8. Do you feel more tired than usual, even to perform tasks you did before?

9. Has your period been delayed for more than 5 days?

10. Did you take the morning-after pill up to 3 days after the unprotected relationship?

11. Have you had any pharmacy pregnancy tests in the last month with a positive result?

Transparent discharge in pregnancy

An increase in transparent discharge during pregnancy is very common and this is a normal situation with no cause for alarm. This occurs because the is greater flow of blood in this region and the hormones in the blood stream favour the appearance of discharge.

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In this case, it will be a transparent discharge without smell, less sticky and it is not a sign of ovulation. It only indicates a natural increase in vaginal secretion. However, it is important for the woman to be aware if she presents disputable colour or odour, and thus communicate with the obstetrician who will perform tests to verify that it is not an infection.

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