What is a comprehensive examination?


A comprehensive examination also know as check-up is a set of laboratory studies, instrumental and functional diagnostics that are done to both healthy people and those who are sick or at risk of a particular disease.

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For healthy people they strive to ensure that they are healthy. Even if you feel good, consume a health diet and you regularly go to the gym, you cannot be sure that your health is in the right state. There may be some diseases developing without any signs and symptoms. Some of the diseases that manifest themselves without any signs and symptoms are like cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, early diagnosis is important as it will be easier to prevent the diseases than to cure it.

For those who are already ill, the goal is to control and adjust treatment.

It’s not a dispensary.


According to the definition it may seem like a dispensary but its not.

Dispensary is a medical examination that is done in public clinics. You will be checked by several specialists who perform a number of tests. The approach to this and of diagnostics is very economical and protracted.

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On the contrary, a comprehensive examination takes place in private clinics and diagnostic centres. Here, the set of studies is more complete as the body will be explored far and wide such that if there is something wrong in the body, it will be easier to identify. This examination is also conducted in a few hours and it is an advantage to people who do not have time to go to the dispensary.

A comprehensive examination requires a patient to undergo many different procedures, clinics and diagnostic centres so that the process is made more convenient and faster.

What is included in the comprehensive examination?

The composition and duration of the examination may vary depending on the situation. It usually depends of age and sex of the individual as well as the place where the examination is conducted.

Typically, the comprehensive examination includes:

  • Laboratory tests:
    • General blood test
    • Blood test for infections
    • Urine test
  • Doctors’ examinations:
    • Therapist
    • Neurologist
    • Ent
    • Cardiologist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Gynaecologist
    • Urologist
    • Surgeon
    • Dentist
  • Hardware research:
    • Ultrasound
    • FLG
    • ECG

There are no doctors in diagnostic centers, so medical examinations are compensated by deep examinations with the help of MRI and CT scans.

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There are also specialized comprehensive examinations that focus on one area and include an expanded range of studies:

  • For women
  • For men
  • For expectant parents
  • Cancer
  • Gastro
  • Cardio, etc.

What gives a comprehensive examination?

In that short period of time you will be able to find out if you have cancer, vascular pathologies, disease of internal organs and the spine. You will also be able to have a look at your health and how you should maintain it. It there is need, after the comprehensive examination you may be referred for further treatment and additional examinations.

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