What is anal plicoma, symptoms and treatment


Anal plicoma is a type of skin protrusion that occurs in the outer part of the anus. It is benign and can be confused with a haemorrhoid. Generally, anal plicoma is not accompanied by any other symptoms but in some cases there may be itching which may hinder cleansing of the region and this will increase risks of getting infections.

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There is usually no need for treatment, but if the the plicoma is too large, it may be necessary to remove excess skin through laser, surgery or cryotherapy.

Main symptoms


Anal plicoma causes a skin protrusion that hangs on the outside of the anus and it does not cause pain or any symptoms.

However, in some cases, it may cause itching as a result of accumulation of faeces, which become difficult to remove and may cause inflammation or result to emergence of other infections.

Possible causes

Anal plicoma is caused by a chronic inflammatory process that occurs in the anus, and it ends up becoming swollen and when it is not swollen, it causes a skin to hang in this region. Some of the condition that can lead to this inflammatory process include:

  • Have hard stools, which can damage the anus
  • Pregnancy
  • Fissures;
  • Local irritations such as mycoses, dermatitis and annalysis eczema
  • Anais haemorrhoids
  • Complication in the healing of a surgery in the region
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease

To prevent plicoma from arising or the skin increasing in size, one should not have dry and hard stools, and this can be done by changing the diet or taking remedies that will soften the stool. In addition, one should also avoid rubbing the anus using toilet paper and avoid taking spicy foods like pepper, ready-made seasonings or sausages, as this will prevent the faeces from being too acidic.

How treatment is done

Generally, removal of plicoma does not require any treatment and most people may prefer to remove this thickening of skin just for aesthetic reasons.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend the removal of the plicoma through surgical methods when the plicoma is too large and there is risks of contracting infections because the anal hygiene will be difficult to maintain when the plicoma is always swollen.

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The plicoma can also be removed by laser or cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen that freezes excess skin that eventually falls off after a few days.

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