Who needs a full medical examination?


Diseases are easier to cure when they are identified in the early stages. Most of them do not come with any signs and symptoms for a long time and this makes them only detectable through tests and diagnostic procedures. There are several types of people who ought to go for a full body examination.


All those wishing to undergo the dispensary


Insufficient sleep, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and stress impact directly on health, even without you noticing it. Visiting the doctor annually even if you are perfectly okay is normal. To lead a rich and full life for a long time you need to go treat your health with the utmost care.

Dispensary is also useful even for those who are afraid of doctors. Most diseases develop over the years and if you regularly go for routine check-ups, you will not be receiving any terrible news. Modern medicine allows yo to treat cancer even in the early changes.

Couples planning a child

It is important mostly for prospective parents so that they may know if everything is in order. You should check for health problems so that you may not have any complications during pregnancy and also to reduce the likelihood of complications.

Patients over 40

As you age the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis increases. Therefore you should always be checked for the following diseases in both men and women. You also need to visit other doctors who are specialists in urology for men and mammology and gynaecology for women

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Healthy people with ailments

A full examination is also needed if you have minor ailments that do not cause much inconvenience but are a cause for alarm. Your concerns about your health and the tests done may indicate other health problems. Being overweight or underweight is also a reason why you should go for a full body examination.

Patients with benign formations

It is advisable that you monitor the appearance of any benign cysts and polyps. They usually become malignant under the influence if negative factors thus you should always go for check up.

Patients with “severe” heredity

Even if you are healthy you should be aware of the genetic predispositions so as to prevent the occurrence of a family diseases. The first sign that should cause worry is if many family members had the same disease. The most common inherited diseases are diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. You should also go for check-up if most family members suffer from myopia, haemophilia and migraines.

People with bad habits

Going for a medical examination of the dispensary may motivate you to quit bad habits. People who should pay attention to check-ups include smokers, as they are prone to getting cancer and pulmonale diseases. Alcohol consumers can get diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system. You should also undergo a HIV test as part of the full examination if you have been under the influence of drugs or you have a promiscuous lifestyle.

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Workers of harmful industries

Working in harmful industries may pose a risk to your health due to the unfavourable conditions. If you desire to have a long and fulfilling life then you need to pay special attention to your health. Going for regular and complete check-ups prevents attack by diseases and the existing ones can be kept under control.

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